Playing format

  • We can use the green to play single, pairs, triples and fours
  • Any combination of formats may be played under the ‘organised sport’ exemption.
  • Players must follow social gathering limits before and after the activity.
  • The maximum number of participants on a six-rink outdoor green for ‘organised’ or informal activity at any one time should not exceed 24
  • BUT – The ‘rule of six’ applies OR two households


  • Spectators are not allowed at the moment unless they are care assistants.

Preparing, Arriving, Playing and Leaving the Club


  • Do not come to the club if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or any cold or flu symptoms.
  • Players can take portable seats and refreshments but should take everything home after their match.


  • Only travel to the club on your own or with a member of your own household.
  • Please use Sandford Road carpark – the gates will be open for access to the green on match days  


  • Players are encouraged to arrive in good time and ready to play so that they do not need to use the changing rooms.
  • Sanitizer will available around the green but players should bring and use their own hand sanitiser. Ensure that hand sanitiser does not come into contact with the green as damage will ensue
  • Steward to organise the delivery of mats and jacks to allocated rinks.
  • It is decision of the Captain of the day whether there is a rolled jack or a fixed jack. If rolling jack is used, then two jacks will be available on each rink.
  • Teams must decide by mutual agreement who will be responsible for using/touching certain equipment:
  • During play both gates to the club green must be closed to prevent access.


  • Stewards will check in equipment and wipe with either antibacterial spray or wipes, surfaces that may have been touched during the course of game.
  • Leave promptly after ending your game and take all your belongings and rubbish home with you.


We can offer limited refreshments outside.  Only one or two people will be stationed inside the club house to prepare the refreshments. They must use facemasks, plastic aprons and gloves. It is recommended that Club Captains agree with opposition teams whether they require refreshments. If refreshments are agreed then it is suggested that a drink request form is completed so that the kitchen staff can get the drinks ready before the break and hence prevent queuing.


The Lionmede Committee anticipates that all players will realise the importance of adhering to these procedures at all times and also follow the guidance of the steward.

Future Amendments

Changes to UK Government and Bowls England guidelines will result in updates to the above procedures. These will be notified to members as and when they are needed. Any improvements that playing members feel could be made to the above procedures should be notified to Chairperson or Club Captains.

Here are the other steps that the government plans.:
• Step 3: begins no earlier than Monday 17 May (confirmation expected w/c Monday 10 May)
• Step 4: begins no earlier than Monday 21 June (confirmation expected w/c Monday 14 Ju