Back by popular request! Mark Hughes is thinking of arranging a Lionmede bowling tour to the Isle of White. Dates to be arranged but will be in September 2022.  (Probably either 7th -13th or 14th – 19th give or take a day either way as I say planning at the moment.)

Mark would like to know the answer to the following questions from the club members:

  1. Are you happy to undertake a tour in September 2022 in view of the covid situation?  

Mark’s position is that he believes that we are now stuck with Covid for the foreseeable future and if we are all jabbed up and continue to be careful, there should be no reason why in 12 – 14 months’ time we should not be able to go on such a trip.

There is only 1 requirement for the trips ENJOY YOURSELF!!

Bowls matches are friendlies and I will arrange 4 or 5 rinks of triples depending on the requirements of the clubs we visit. So, I’m after 12 – 15 bowlers a day.

Mark estimates the cost to be IRO £480 to £530 per person depending on hotel and ferry prices for 2022. But whatever it is, costs will include all coach travel to and from venues. Hotel for 5 or 6 nights on DBB basis. Game fees, all tips and gratuities. Incidentals prizes and club gifts. As before mark is hoping to make arrangements for morning trips to places of interest in and around where we bowl.

The previous 2 trips, one to Somerset in 2017 and to Torquay in 2019 were in that price range and I think were a success we certainly had some fun and good bowling. (Après bowls as well!!)

Please let Mark know if you/wives/partners/friends would be interested in such a trip.                                

It does not have to be a definite yes or no at this stage but an indication if you would be interested in the trip.

Mark Hughes. (For Lionmede Bowls Club)